IGC Masterclass with Lynette Ntuli

Innovation, leadership and living a limitless life were some of the topics discussed at the In Good Company (IGC) Masterclass with Lynette Ntuli on Saturday, 7th December. The theme of the session was ‘Innovation in Business’ and the event took place at the Liberty office in Sandton.
She told of how the narrative around entrepreneurship over the last 20 years or so was focused on sharing inspirational and aspirational stories of people who dared to start something new, she said she senses that in the coming years the focus will shift from the individuals who start these businesses and move to the brands and legacies that have been built and are being built. Furthermore, outlining that the lifeblood of a business is change, responsiveness, volatility, fluctuation and businesses of the future need to be able to live through it all.

Her key message to women is around focusing on our economic emancipation as this will aid us in creating the world that we want for ourselves and the next generation of women. “If we have an economic advantage and we are economically free, in many instances we can create constructs and different conversations around us women. It may be the one lever we have left to change the game significantly” said Miss Ntuli.

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