#ICYMI Sun Xa Experiment Released New Offering Umculo Umuthi

Umculo Umuthi is the first long-awaited album by Sun Xa Experiment who are a world ancestral band that caters music for healing. On this record, the band has captured the true energy of good and a spiritual whirlwind of emotions and thinking. The album comes in at the right time where the world needs vibration healing & seeing Sun Xa Experiment fitting the criteria with their sound. 

The album is layered with a great line up of music from Isqalo to Babalekile, this is a whole journey and story from the first song to last, it is more of “listening to cleanse” it sparks great memories and the most important thing is it keeps you at thought’s bay of who you are and where you come from as an individual and with those around you. Recorded by Ruben Thomas at LYD Productions in Willrow Park, KZN, this record is a change in atmosphere and performing culture, true compositions by Sun Xa Experiment. Everything of it is an experience, the message packed within is of awakening and self-introspection. 

It is an hour-long album that takes you through a lot when on stage and off stage. Umculo Umuthi which simply translated to “Music is medicine” This is what the world needs. 

Recorded by Ruben Thomas for LYD Productions. 

Cover hand drawn by Pule Magopa & illustrated by Digging Thoughts, the story behind it is organized chaos and cleansing. 

About Sun Xa Experiment

Sun Xa Experiment is an ancestral world music outfit hailing from Soweto & Durban in South Africa. The band is a spiritually driven kind and believe that whichever music they make is mean to heal. Covered with a large sound of Percussions, Drums, Bass, strange acoustic guitar sounds, electric guitars and heavy on vocals. The band has been since its inception in 2014, they have grown into this organized chaos of sound which makes them a unique blend of sound. 

“Our role in the music scene is vital and important not only to the masses but to us as well, who journey the name”Sun Xa Experiment”, we are a portal of what heritage is with our heavily influenced by culture sound and having amongst us various ethnic groups of us varying from Sesotho, isiZulu, Nguni, Xitsonga to mention a few, we are a diverse example of what culture is and how is fused to maintain our heritage.”

On its 6th year the band has grown and evolved too many circles, from an 8 piece to be 6 then 7 back to 6, it shows a journey of love and learning, touching lives through sound in many formats. They designed their sound as “Umculo Umuthi”, meaning, Music is Medicine, which is also the title of their debut album.

Buyisiwe Njoko – Lead Vocals

Karolo More – Shadow dancer /Back Up vocals

Tebogo Mkhize – Acoustic Guitar

Lerato Seitei – Lead Guitar + Bass on Bayede

Benedict Watte – Percussions

Sibonelo Mgidi – Drums + Background voices

Musa Zwane – Bass + Zulu Guitar on Bayede

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