Honouring Youth Day With Visual And Performing Arts

Nelson Mandela famously said that art is understood by everyone, has the power to transcend times of division, and lift the spirits and morale of those who experience it. To celebrate Youth Day this year, Norval Foundation, in partnership with Strauss & Co, will bring the performing arts and the visual arts together. 

SA Youth Choir will perform in the spectacular Why Should I Hesitate: Sculpture exhibition by William Kentridge that has been on show since 24 August 2019. This will be the last time the monumental exhibition will be witnessed in its full glory as the museum remains closed to the public amidst COVID- 19 and national lockdown. 

With the 44th anniversary of the Soweto Uprising on Tuesday 16 June, the Black Lives Matter movements that have swept the globe and the COVID-19 pandemic, the transcendent, transformative and unifying power of music and art has become even more significant. Art is a direct result of societal, cultural and historical movements and shifts. Always, but particularly around the commemoration of Youth Day, a collective effort is needed to make the voices of the youth heard. In addition to choir performance, choir members will be interviewed about what Youth Day means in this present moment and how they envision the future. 

“The next generation of artists and creatives are our future activists and leaders. That is why, in these dystopian times, art’s ability to enrich, inspire and connect us is more valuable than ever,” says Norval Foundation’s Chief Executive, Elana Brundyn. “We are honoured to collaborate with Strauss & Co and the incredible SA Youth Choir on this important day.” 

In line with the restrictions and safety precautions of lockdown, only a portion of the SA Youth Choir will film on site at the museum, the rest will record at home. Performers and crew at least 2m apart at all times. 

The performance, the interviews and the William Kentridge exhibition will be captured in order to create a unique and particularly special Youth Day celebration. Norval Foundation’s mission is to support, highlight and uplift the arts of South Africa and beyond. Now more than ever the arts need to support from all fronts. The collaboration will premiere on Norval Foundation’s and Strauss & Co’s YouTube Channel on Youth Day. 

Photo by Matthieu A on Unsplash

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