Hidden Benefits Of Mayonnaise

We all love mayonnaise, from the humble chicken mayo sandwich to the creamy potato salad. Whether added to spinach or as a condiment to your favorite burger – a kitchen without mayonnaise would not be the same. Mayonnaise adds great flavor to meals, but it can also be used in a number of ways that you might not be aware of…

Some handy mayonnaise tips shared by NOLA mayonnaise – the creamier & versatile mayonnaise:

Use it to bring flare to your baking

The more versatile the mayonnaise, the better to use in baking as it will add creaminess without overpowering the other ingredients. Bring mayo flare to your baking and why not use NOLA Mayonnaise in an icing drizzle for muffins or in delicious creamy icing for cupcakes. You can also use mayonnaise in your baking instead of using eggs!

By substituting three tablespoons of mayo for every egg called for in a recipe, you will have an even more delicious dish!

Mayonnaise is grill friendly

Unsticking meat from the grill can be a very tedious and a hard task. It’s so easy to get meat stuck on an outdoor grill. Put an even layer of NOLA mayo all over the meat you’re about to grill, and grill away. When it comes to creating the crispest, tastiest crust on your grilled cheese sandwich, butter is good, but mayo is better.

Make an easy marinade

Mayonnaise has both fat and acidity in it, two things that make a killer marinade. Then simply add herbs, garlic, and spices, but feel free to add whatever flavours you want to the mayo and the end result is the best marinade ever.


Add Mayo to side dishes to make it super creamy – Mash or spinach

By adding Nola Mayonnaise to your mashed potatoes, you can make them even more delicious and very creamy, giving your mash just that something extra it needs to keep people coming back for seconds.

Use as a spread instead of butter when making a sandwich

Instead of using butter on your sandwiches, why not use creamy mayonnaise instead!

Tantalising dips

Use mayonnaise as an easy dip with chips or crudités. Add your favorite flavorings to a creamy and versatile mayonnaise like NOLA mayonnaise – which enhances the flavor without overpowering the ingredients.

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