Happiness Through Dulux Colours

It seems that South Africans are falling short on the sensation that makes roses smell rosier and colours appear brighter, in fact the recent World Happiness Report indicates that of the 156 countries ranked by their happiness levels, South Africa ranked at 105, which is four spots down from last year.

How can we bring back that genuine fuzzy feeling that one cannot quite put their finger on, that inexplicably and involuntarily puts a dimple in your cheeks, and a twinkle in your eye – no, not love, but true happiness… how can we bring it back into our lives?

Palesa Ramaisa, the resident colour expert at Dulux, says that inspiration could be right under our noses – she shares three simple and sensual ways to make colour a life choice in support of International Day of Happiness.

Palesa Ramaisa

Secret in scents

Known for being the top player in happy scents, Vanilla can be quiet pungent and comes with the rich aroma of vanilla beans that make people feel happy, relaxed, and crave freshly baked treats. This scent plays a similar role with a rich tint of off-white as well as a medium pale tone of yellow – making your home feel peaceful and calm all the time as yellow brings cheerfulness, joy and optimism.

Colour therapy

Colour, like scents plays a significant role in changing a person’s mood from being stressful to being happy and calm. Orange takes the crown here and the benefits of oranges do not stop with the smell… This colour is also known to instill a sense of fun and excitement. So whether you dress in burnt orange, or introduce touches of terracotta in your home – the warm earth tones will bring a sense of comfort. Draw some inspiration from the Dulux Comforting Home palette from the ColourFutures 2018 campaign, which will encourage re-setting and soothing senses for happiness from the inside out by pairing orange tones with clay and blush pink.

Soft touch

Nothing makes one as happy as being with friends as well as loved ones. Known for friendship, caring and hope; pink is one colour that embodies warmth. Warmth is not limited to colour tones, but when we feel soft, warmth against our skins, our happiness factor only increases. We crave the soft touch from infancy when we reach for a familiar teddy, or blankey. So with the cooler nights setting in, make sure to be cuddly-dressed, and line your comfy couch with velvet scatter cushions, to create a space you want to touch and sink into.

If nothing else quite hits the happiness spot – smile – by turning your frown upside down, you might just brighten someone else’s day and turn your own sadness away.

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