Growing From The Shadows Of DNA Brand Architects

DNA Brand Architects is becoming part of the public’s DNA.

Public Relations & Marketing, as defined by the business dictionary, is the profession of creating and maintaining goodwill of an organisation’s various publics usually through publicity and other nonpaid forms of communications. DNA Brand Architects not only defies the definition through exceptional work, but also has employees who have great fun in making “wow stuff”.

The Public Relations & Marketing agency is only 5 years in the game but has become a leading agency in handling the public viewpoints of large African enterprises such as Castle Lite, Vodacom, Edgars, Brutal Fruit and others. The offices in Fourways, Johannesburg are buzzing throughout the year with hardworking Brand Architects. Their passion drives their innovative and creative ideas that always keep the consumer wanting more. Creating events, pitching award winning ideas and changing lives is at the center of DNA’s lifestyle.


The 30th of November marked an open door for Grade 11 student, Hannah Pretorius and here is her account:

Every employee was stylish, composed and eager to bask me in the P.R & Marketing industry. The sophisticated Gugu Ndabezitha led me around and crashed coursed me on P.R & Marketing, teaching me that “old news is no news”. My luck had checked in when I was able to sit in a meeting between Castle Lite Managers, Ramona Kayembe and Franscoe Bouwer, in a presentation that was led by DNA Brand Architects.

Upon my return from our ABinBev meeting, I had the opportunity to be mentored by Senior Architects, Khangelani Dziba as well as Zylvah Makola, who taught me the basics of writing. The day was concluded with Mr. Sylvester Chauke giving me some motivation and work experience that I will always value. Mr. Chauke opened the door before the universe could open the window and I am thankful that the teachings I received on this day will live until the day I graduate from University.


The DNA team has an energy of pushing one to strive for excellence and open doors. A trait that should always be part of the human DNA.

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