Ground Up Chale Breaks Rising Ghanaian Talents Out Of The Gutters

From the corner block hustler to affluent kingpin with political ties has one law embedded into their ambition, freedom is for sale, and for Ground Up Chale, a music platform that has recently launched its in-house synch agency, the stakes for eradicating the poverty status quo couldn’t be higher.

Following their critically acclaimed ‘We Outside; Y3 W) Abonten Vol.1’, Ground Up amplifies the sounds of barrier-breaking unheard talents with the release of their new EP, ‘Trenches Babies’. While society shy’s away from the harsh themes such as trust, hustle, trapping, and emerging from low-income communities into acquired wealth, the piercing melodies and gritty lyricism of this EP painstakingly explore these subject ranges over crystallized drill beats.
Driven by the purpose of evolving the rap culture of Ghana and the African continent at large, Ground Up introduces its audience to a new crop of artists from the likes of Kimati, Lalid, MTiggidy, Essuman, Malone, and Abdoulaye Diope. These artists collaborate with producers namely Jester Beats, Mobench, Juiczxxx, A-Swxg, CedDidit, and Yxng Finxssa, which color the ep with stylistic diversity exploring the soundscapes of Trap, Hip-Hop, GH-Drill, and subtle reggae tunes.

From shadow emerging cuts like “Street Ayeshi” to street anthems such as “Abonten’ and “Shoot”, ‘Trenches Babies’ chronicles the life of the youth who dream beyond their circumstances and realize their dreams by any means. Be part of the revolution and connect with Ground Up Chale for more music news.
Connect with Ground Up Chale:
Twitter: @GroundUpChale
Facebook: @groundupchale

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