Gino Brown Collaborates With His Idol Harrison Crump On Papa God

After a decade of mentorship and friendship, House music virtuoso producer and DJ, Gino Brown, finally gets Harrison Crump to agree to collaborate with him on his brand new hit track titled Papa God alongside Manyanga Wa Balobedu. Gino and Crump met over ten years ago when Brown was still an upcoming hip hop producer, as a matter of fact, it was Harrison who convinced him to hop on to house music. “What a journey it has been, this release is special to me man! After 10 years of mentorship, being rejected and building a solid friendship. I finally have a song with the legend, a pioneer in the house music industry, Harrison Crump himself” Gino says excitedly.

Papa God is a war cry sung by Harrison Crump as well as Manyanga Wa Balobedu, the song speaks about issues that are faced by Africans during the pandemic. Brown is no stranger to the music game as he is the man responsible for the SAMA award-winning hit track Shay’inumber, UchiDaiDai, Body Language and many other party starter tracks. 

The year 2020 was a very tough year for Gino as he battled with the Covid19 virus while mourning the tragic loss of his younger brother who passed away due to a car accident. It’s a miracle that he was still able to release a nine-track EP titled Lalela which was well received by the house music community. Gino Brown now returns with Papa God featuring Harrison Crump & Manyanga Wa Balobedu. “I am happy, I am humbled and I am truly blessed” Gino adds.

Stream or download PAPA GOD on this link:

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