Get To Know #SavannaVirtualComedyBar Comedians A Little More

Comedians, Chantal Jax, Alfred Adriaan, and Rezah Forbes will be joining us at the Savanna Comedy Special, which starts this Saturday, 18 April at 6pm. We’ve compiled short Q&A’s which we thought you might find useful for your publication – just to get into their minds a little bit during the lockdown.

Chantal Jax

1. What’s the one thing you’ve done during the lockdown that you never thought you’d do?

I like my partner MORE! It was touch and go but it turned out she is quite lovely…

2. What’s the funniest thing you’ve noticed about the people/animals you’re quarantined with?

  • People are resorting to things they hate to pass time
  • John is finally fixing the towel rack Janine asked him to fix in 2018
  • Married couples are having sex again
  • Other people are running out of alcohol

3. What’s been your go-to lockdown meal?

Prozac for lunch haha. On the real though, we have made a different meal every night. I am now fully aware of how lethal beans are though.

4. Have you come up with any Jean-ius inventions during the lockdown?

To be real if I was a Jean-ius I wouldn’t be the odd kid I am now … Wait … Most geniuses are odd! Momma, I made it!

5. What’s the first thing you’ll do after the lockdown has ended?

Move my furniture into storage because my net worth is now ‘32 and living with your mother again’.


Alfred Adriaan

1. What’s been your craziest lockdown impulse?

I’ve been indulging in the chocolate. It’s not a crazy impulse but it is a problem

2. Who would be your dream quarantine companion?

My Wife 😉 (she is going to read this).

3. How much would you pay teachers now that you’ve spent so much time at home with your little ones?

One bale of toilet paper and a few cans of baked beans. No money will be in circulation – it’s a bartering system now.

4. Have you tried any experiments during the lockdown?

Yep – washing with green sunlight soap.

5. When life gives you lemons, what do you do?

Make a margarita if you still have dop left.


Rezah Forbes

1. What have you run out of that you can’t buy now during lockdown?

The two main things that I ran out of are impossible to find now during lockdown –
cigarettes and toilet paper

2. How have you kept yourself entertained during the lockdown?

To keep myself entertained during the lockdown period I documented certain days of my lockdown on video. Each video upload is about 300MB per social media account –
Instagram, Facebook and YouTube – which is almost 1GB per day. On the days I’m not recording I’m usually complaining about why I’m wasting so much data uploading those videos and then realise that I could film myself complaining because that is content too!

3. What’s the most irritating habit of your lockdown companions?

The most irritating habit of my lockdown companions are when they live their days like normal. They wake up in the early hours of the morning; I mean who wakes up 11:30 AM?!?
4. What did you stockpile before lockdown?
I stockpiled an excessive amount of hand sanitisers before lockdown started. Then during the lockdown, I realised that it was completely unnecessary because you don’t go out that much during lockdown. Ever since lockdown started, I’m only halfway through the first bottle of hand sanitisers, and there’s still 10 boxes left! I’m seriously considering washing my car with what I have left.
5. Do you agree that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?

I agree 100% that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if you bit into an apple that wasn’t sanitised, then you might want to put the apple away!

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