Gavin Rajah To Unveil Beauty Collection With Pick ‘n Pay

Gavin Rajah returned to AFI since 2014 and embarked on a collection of quintessential beauty basics for Summer 2022 with Pick n Pay. Pick n Pay Clothing is increasingly investing in local clothing manufacturers and nearly 40% of its clothing is now locally produced, up from 10% at the start of the pandemic. In a bid to expand their offering and create accessibility for their customers, they launched a curated collection of beauty basics designed by South African stalwart, Gavin Rajah.

Unique to its proudly made-in-South-Africa range of quality wardrobe essentials is its collaboration with innovative local creators to curate collections of on-trend pieces, this latest collection follows on this premise. The collection includes some swimwear pieces, scented candles, lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadows, highlighters and nail varnishes, the perfect accessories for Summer. Hazel Pillay, General Manager for Pick n Pay Clothing, says “the collection is a natural progression in our attempt to work with local talent in creating a fashionable and accessible collection for our shoppers”.

Rajah – known for his handcrafted exclusive garments – has also designed collections for PnP customers as part of this initiative. “People have reacted so well to the last collections and the launch of the collections has been perfectly poised to bring lots of joy to consumers looking for excellent value for money. It seems like a natural extension that we have created a beauty collection. The capsule beauty range will provide the perfect accompaniment to customers’ wardrobes for the summer season at affordable price points”.

To secure a pipeline of talent and diversity for customers, the Futurewear project was launched which invites creators to apply to launch a collaboration with PnP Clothing. Through the project, emerging local designers are provided with mentorship in business by Rajah and practical application of skills in a commercial environment by Pick n Pay Clothing, each collection is produced locally, joining the increasing number of items made in South Africa. “Our increased local sourcing efforts lets us support more local suppliers and helps us ensure high levels of availability in stores and protecting us from some of the impact of global supply chain disruptions,” concludes Pillay.



LIP GLOSS – 49,99

LIPSTICK – 59,99



BODY WASH – 79,99


BODY BUTTER – 89,99 

HAND CREAM – 49,99

CANDLE 160GSM – 139,99

The range will be available in-store from the 7th of December 2022.

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