Gallo Music Presents Mpho Sebina’s Remake Of ‘Too Late For Mama’

With a slew of successful releases under her belt, Mpho Sebina’s music career is on an upward trajectory, some of her stand out works include her sophomore release ‘LORA’ and collaboration with among others, Major League DJ’s Dinaledi an AMA Piano Hit that swept through the entire continent and the diaspora. We are seeing momentum for Mpho Sebina towards a breakthrough moment in her career. Her latest project – a collaboration with Gallo Records – Gallo Remixed series is an affirmation of her potential as a future star.

Mpho’s new single acknowledges the legacy of the foundation of the South African Afro-Pop sound in her rendition of ‘Too Late for Mama’ as an authentic offering to remake of the iconic Brenda Fassie song, originally composed and written by Sello ‘Chicco’ Twala in 1989, marking the 32nd-year anniversary of the original release.
This song is a major inspiration behind Mpho Sebina’s reason for becoming an artist and one of the first songs she had recorded nearly 6 years ago, the new version doesn’t just aim to remake, but to wants to channel the same energy that Ma Brrr brought to the music when she first performed the track at the height of her career.
The demo of the original Mpho Sebina version found its way into Gallo Records A&R Session with Black Coffee and the Gallo/Soulistic A&R team, who unanimously chose the track as the first release of what seems to be a musically ambitious project under the Gallo Remixed banner (watch this space).

“With this song, I honour the legendary African Pop Diva ‘Brenda Fassie’ and how her story is the story of African song and artistry at its highest level. Through this song, I pay tribute to Ma Brrr and her beautiful Soul. And I give thanks to the incredible production and creative genius that is Chicco Twala. I hope the message ‘Too Late For Mama’ resonates with the people of my generation across the world, going through this time of anxiety and stress, for all the families grieving loss and hardships, I hope this song reminds us to exercise empathy, Botho, Ubuntu in these uncertain times.” – Mpho Sebina
Mpho’s single ‘Too Late for Mama’ is a beautifully crafted soulful rendition that will take Brenda Fassie’s voice into the future. Look out for it on all great music stations and streaming platforms.
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