Future Mfana Okmalumkoolkat Re-Releases Mixtape 100k Macassette

The 2015 SAHHA Best Mixtape Winner, 100k MaCassette Mixtape has been re-released on all digital streaming platforms and the original Future Mfana lead with the single featuring uSanele and is titled Spova Gang. The Zulu Michael Jackson is known for delivering fire jams and he ups his game every time. The song is nothing short of a banger, it gives a better understanding of the sub-culture that is Spovagang, it elaborates further what influences their culture from how they dress up, talk, and engage with their fans. This tune has an old-school kwaito/hi-hop sound with a touch of future, one for the “The Spovingtons”!!

3 fun facts when recording “Spova Gang”

  • Spova Gang was recorded at a Red Bull studio pop-up in Braamfontein, circa 2015. with uSanele, Windows 2000 and 45 Degreez.
  • Most of the tracks on this mixtape already existed and were curated but Spova Gang, 3310 Flow.
  • 3310 Flow, Free 100k MaCassette and the 100k Outro were recorded specifically for that tape.

Be sure to ride the massive SPOVAGANG wave; Tjoen a bruh to tjoen a bruh to tjoen a bruh! Stream and download here!

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