From Mopping Floors To Recording Artist uFazinator Defies Odds

South African artist, deejay, promoter and all-round creative Falakhe Nxumalo who is more commonly known as uFazinator has just released a seven-track EP titled The Fazinator Project. The leading single from The Fazinator Project is called #BeautifulMama featuring guitarist Sol Stringer (former MuzArt member) as well as the multitalented producer Given Mkhari who is well known as Shi Kargo. The song is inspired by the beautiful women in the African continent. uFazinator started out as a cleaner at the trendy Kitcheners Bar in Braamfontein, Johannesburg and ended up being a top events promoter and artist in the same city. Today, Nxumalo is a much-respected businessman who works with industry giants in the entertainment business.

uFazinator was born and bred in the poverty stricken Empangeni, Engwelezane village in the rural Kwa-Zulu Natal province. His humble upbringing by a petrol attendant father taught him the values of hard work as a young boy as his passion for music developed when he was just a boy. Falakahe’s dream to release music is a big achievement as he literally came to the big city with nothing but the clothes on his back, he had to crash at a friend’s place while working as a cleaner at a bar, his work ethic got him promoted to bar-tending whereby he started networking with creatives who were his customers. “When I came to Joburg I had nothing and started looking for a job, I heard that they were looking for a cleaner at Kitcheners so I applied, they gave me a job and I was grateful for the opportunity” says uFazinator. “It wasn’t the ideal job but it paid the bills and I got a step closer to my dream which is the music industry as I got to see many of my idols walk in and out of the establishment on a daily basis, I really worked hard and my boss promoted me to be a bartender and my life changed for the better” he adds.

Through his work serving drinks, uFazinator had the opportunity to have some face time with powerful customers and that’s how he built his network, this led to him starting a company called Afrimabonavision which started hosting events around Braamfontein and eventually the entire Gauteng province. He later resigned and focused his energies on running his company and the rest as they say is history. uFazinator’s EP titled The Fazinator Project has a total of six songs and it is available on all major digital stores.

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