#FridayFeature | Meet Layla From Azrah Naturals

We caught up with naturalista Layla Hasan Hasen from Azrah Naturals. Layla Hasan Hasen founded Azrah Naturals in 2015 as a result of her drive to achieve healthier, glowing hair and to restore a receding hairline. Layla, a South African mom of two and passionate DIY enthusiast was determined to find a natural solution to help rejuvenate her hair and skin.

Having partnered with Nafisa, a friend and serial entrepreneur who came to the rescue of this fledgeling business when it encountered some challenges, Azrah Naturals has grown into a flourishing business venture which aims to restore the dignity and beauty of South African women (and their families) through the creation of unique natural products. Each product has been carefully handcrafted to ensure the highest quality of natural ingredients and formulations have been used.


Here’s the scoop from our sitdown 😎


LA: Have you always been a natural hair enthusiast before starting Azrah Naturals?

LHH: No.. I had relaxed hair before


LA: What inspired the start of Azrah Naturals?

LHH: Sometime in 2015, my hair started thinning really bad and hairline had receded.  I started putting together herbs which I used to try and restore my hairline.  As I was using the mixture my colleague came and told me her daughter had hair issues… I then told her about the concoction I made… And she asked that I should bring her some… Which I did.  She used the mixture on her daughter’s hair and within two weeks she could see the results.  My friend then encouraged me to sell the mixture and that’s how Azrah Naturals was born.


LA: Tell us more about the products. What hair solutions are you offering?

LHH: Our products are all-natural and are free from harmful chemicals. We have the Shea Butter and Hemp for hair, which leaves your hair glowing and soft. We also have the hairline repairer oil, which is the very first product we made when we started the business. There is also the Argan and Rosemary hair oil, which is used for hair growth as the Argan and Rosemary oils are known for stimulating hair growth.  As well as the hair growth mask with Chebe Powder.


LA: Do you just use natural ingredients? And what is in the process of making these products?

LHH: Yes, we use natural ingredients.   We follow good manufacturing practices when we make our products to ensure that our products are made with utmost care.


LA: Are there any new products Azrah Naturals will be making in the future?

LHH: Definitely. We will be introducing the Azrah baby in due course.


And that’s it for now. Make sure you keep updated on Azrah Naturals social platforms for more updates on current and new products! They are on:

Facebook:  @azrahnaturals

Twitter: @AzrahNaturals

Instagram: @azrahnaturals

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