Fox Odyssey: An exhibition of painting by Andrew James Hofmeyr

The Magpie Art Collective Gallery, 27 Van Riebeeck Street, Barrydale, Western Cape, South Africa, Southern Hemisphere, Earth, 3rd Rock from the Sun, The Milky Way.

Fox Odyssey explores life in the quiet backwaters of the Platteland. Literal and figurative roads run through historic architecture and modern buildings. The bustle of street life is everywhere as foxes roam alongside all sorts of feline friends and fowl. The paintings, done on wood panels, are deeply textured and detailed, drawing the viewer in and guaranteeing a child-like sense of joy. “Today” says Andrew “everyone comes from somewhere else” and beneath the naïve appearance, Andrew’s paintings examine the world we live in, our environment in minutiae and what it means to feel “alien” in a familiar world.

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