Form Meets Function With Palmy Living’s New Sculptural Lamps

South African furniture and décor artisans, Palmy Living, in collaboration with illustrator, Maria Magdalena Atelier and ceramic artist Corinne de Haas, have launched two striking AfriScandi-inspired sculptural lamps. The lamps debut as part of Palmy’s new Day in Africa collection, adding African textures, shapes and soft light as features that complement a modern home.

With their carefully crafted organic lines and neutral hues, these lamps invite nature into your home. The lamps feature a delicately hand-carved textured ceramic base with Vietnamese-inspired lampshades through which the poetry of light plays out. The Sculptural Baobab Lamp features a textured base reminiscent of the African Baobab tree, while the Sculptural River Lamp captures the soft meandering movement of African rivers. With only a limited production run, one of these proudly South African collector’s pieces will add a subtle touch of the African bush to your home.

Light up your home

Palmy Living Founder, Cara-Ann Potgieter believes that designing your home is more than just the sum of its parts, it’s about setting an ambience and a tone. Lighting is a key element when it comes to curating your home and creating that atmosphere.

  • Lighting sets a mood: Make sure you select the right lighting by looking at form and function. When setting the mood, you should consider the shapes of the light, the shadows, the extend of light and of course the colour of the lamp design. It all helps to create a specific atmosphere. Add more atmosphere by adding candles to your room lighting.
  • Lighting gives dimension to your room: In a room, we need to have elements that create space and dimension. When we include lamps and hanging pendants, these elements lend interesting dimensions to your room.
  • Lighting provides interesting focus areas: A room should have various focal points that draw the eye and create areas of interest. When we have a home that focuses on different shades of neutral, these focus points become more important. So then, you’ll be looking for texture, height, and shades of the same colour.

Cara-Ann offers these tips for selecting the right lighting for your home:

  • Look at heights: Lighting at various heights creates interesting focal points. But when you have an open plan design, connecting two-to-three rooms, I would suggest keeping the lighting from the roof the same height. You can create dimensions by adding lamps and even candles for interest.
  • Select the right colours: I suggest creating a core colour palette for your home. This will help you to develop rooms that complement each other and then select lights that fall within your chosen colour palette.
  • Keep it interesting, yet consistent: While shapes, colours and contours can add interesting features to your lighting, it’s important to keep some consistency in either style, trend and/or colour.
  • Choose the right bulbs: Make sure your lighting is soft and the right colour for your room. Do you like a white light, or do you want to create a mood with warmer yellow lights? You can also get interesting bulbs that become a feature element to your light, large bulbs with interesting wiring also brings an element of design into your home.
  • Shades and forms: Keep in mind how the shape of the shade or light will look in your room and where it will be placed. Shapes can offer interesting features to your home. Find lighting with different shapes and sizes to create a beautifully designed space.

Create ambience and warmth in your home by shopping Palmy Living’s lighting range on their website:

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