Festive Is Within – Here’s A Guide To Fully Enjoy It

The holiday season is a busy time and it can be easy to get overwhelmed, feel stressed, and struggle to get everything done.

School’s out, you’ve reached D-day on your countdown and the time to put your feet up has finally arrived! Bags packed and tickets in hand, it’s time to get the festive season rolling.

Whether you’re staying for a night or six, glamping or camping, head-banging or relaxing, there are some essentials that every holiday-goer needs to make their experience as fun as possible.

HMD Global will be easing you into your holiday season with 5 comprehensive tips to help you get maximum enjoyment from this special time of year.


Staying hydrated is super important, particularly in the summer. It helps us to regulate our temperature, concentrate, and perform at our best physically. Having a water bottle close at hand makes it easier to stay hydrated when you’re running around trying to do everything and be everywhere.


Yes, there will be big lunches, dinners, and lots of festive cheer, but for all the other times in between, you still need to eat. Eating healthy is a great way to avoid feeling sick. Start with a good breakfast each day, don’t skip it just because you’re going for a big lunch or dinner. You can enjoy lighter options like muesli, cereal or a smoothie.


Too much sun exposure can cause sore red skin which can ruin your entire festive. To avoid this, ensure that you protect your skin with sunscreen & SPF lip balm – look for a high SPF for better protection, and wear a sun hat and sunglasses too when you’re out and about in the hot weather conditions.


Did it happen if you didn’t post it on social media?

Having the freedom to take pictures at the beach or by the poolside will result in much more adventurous holiday snaps being uploaded. To make sure you capture every action shot, take striking, true-to-life HDR photos with the Nokia 7.1 which offers dual rear cameras with ZEISS optics for stunning shots, while the AI technology lets you add an artistic touch to every photo with 3D personas, masks and filters.


While spending time with loved ones it important, it’s equally important to take some time out for yourself. The holiday season can be overwhelmingly busy, but it’s also a time for you to reset for the new year. By taking some time to relax & do the things that you want.

The holiday season only comes around once a year, so make the most of it while still preparing for an amazing New Year ahead.

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