#FeatureFriday | Meet Ngola III

Would you consider yourself a trap rapper?

No I don’t consider myself to be a trap rapper, not even a rapper. I rap but I’m an MC , I deal with moving consciousness.

Have you always rapped in Zulu?

Yeah I’ve always rapped in Zulu and I change gears into English as well. But Zulu has been a staple since, but obviously over time it got sharper.

How would you describe the music that you make now as Ngola with the music you made then as Free Flow?

When I was younger and using the alias “Free Flow” it was a description to what I was seeking, the ability to flow freely, I was 15 and i had only been rapping for about 3 years, so at the time that was a priority. Now as uNgola, the goal is more ideological, the music is more intense and purposeful, the vision has much more longevity now than it did then.

You mentioned that you own your own record label, how do you make sure that you give your artists attention and yourself as an artist?

Yes I started my own label fulfilling a childhood dream but also because I’d experienced being signed by people that aren’t musicians, and I’m very much about musicians that understand that they are the business. So even with my artists, they have a very hands on approach to their own brands, I only advise and guide on an executive level. Plus we have a team that is behind the scenes and that takes care of all logistics, on top of that we all live together, and have the studio in the house. So our chemistry is deep and our understanding is solid, and we also create a lot of our individual music together. So its a vibe

Please list the track list for #RocketPowerLove?

Rocket / iThemba (1st vn interlude)
Mansa Musa
UmlaziTheKingdom (Zuma)
Power (2nd vn interlude)
One Love
Sista Bettina
Coming back
Born In The 90’z
Nkulunkulu Babusise
Burn dem
Love / Hip-Hop (final vn interlude)

Check out #RocketPowerLove here: https://soundcloud.com/ngola_iii/sets/rocketpowerlove

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