#FeatureFriday: Meet Nelisiwe Masango

Take us through your life experience and how it shaped you to be the woman that are today?

I grew up in a middle class family residing in a predominantly white neighbourhood where I was fortunate enough to be exposed to people in very different tax brackets. For the most part we were managing financially until I realized that we didn’t have enough money for university. This came as a surprise, being a student with a flamboyant personality, I didn’t quite understand why some people ‘had money’ and why others ‘didn’t have enough’, more so, I didn’t understand why this was happening to me.


What were the highlights and challenges of those years?

The biggest challenge was to make peace with my financial situation and refrain from resentment, as the lack of finances definitely held me back from pursuing and completely my degree. Fast track to 2017- I own a successful business, I’m an award winning entrepreneur and most of all, I get to inspire and encourage people of different walks of life. Money makes the world go round but it’s the understanding of personal finances and adequate financial management that make the trip worth while.


What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career to date?

Growing up, my father always emphasized the term ‘perseverance’ and it was only later on in life that I fully grasped the concept of persevering. Work until you achieve your goals, push forward until you no longer have strength. The art of perseverance is having a strong sense of will power and being confident in who you are and what you can achieve. If you asked me 5 years ago if you thought that I’d be where I am today, the answer would be yes. If anything, I’d be much further. The key to success is self motivation and the hunger to become better than you were yesterday.


How do you maintain a work/life balance?

For the longest time I couldn’t find a balance because succeeding and reaching my goals were far more important than relaxing and enjoying my 20’s. I made a promise to myself that i’ll start taking some time off to gather my thoughts, spoil myself and enjoy being 25. Finding a balance hasn’t been easy as I sometimes feel guilty for not working all the time, but for the sake of inner peace and preserving my health, I try to take some time off now and again by enjoying an aromatherapy massage at the spa and pampering myself.


What are you hoping to accomplish through the women & wealth event?

I’m a huge fan of women events and projects so when the opportunity Presented itself i didn’t turn it down. Wealth migrate is such a prominent company and we happen to share the same views and values on money so I’m thrilled to participate at the women and wealth event. I’m hoping to share my journey and experiences as a young entrepreneur but above all else, I aim to motivate and inspire the women that will be attending. Finances aren’t gender specific, therefore, its OK to become financially independent as a woman and work towards building your empire and expanding your investment portfolio. The event will be taking place on the 16th of September 2017 in the Radisson blu hotel at the V&A

Waterfront. Tickets are R150 per person and it’s definitely an event that every woman should attend.


More info on the event and tickets:



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