Experience ‘By Nature’ At Its Finest At The Inverroche Gin Academy

This year Inverroche has introduced the ‘By Nature’ campaign which celebrates the relationship between brand and nature. This forms part of Inverroche’s new brand ethos building an emotional connection with our audience who are by nature pioneering and the first to create, further expanding to the long-term strategy of the brand and its journey to transition to be 100% locally African-made, where our planet, people, place, partnerships and profit collaborate to achieve real-life and tangible sustainability. Through this brand positioning, they encourage their community to connect with nature – seeking a deeper understanding and appreciation for the natural world.

Distilling gin is a time-honoured tradition and the diversity of the spirit is not to be underestimated. It is the unique ingredients, depth of flavour and uncompromising commitment to sustainability that has made the Inverroche Distillery in Still Bay what it is today – it’s a kind of African Alchemy! 

“It is through our production process that sustainability plays a huge role at Inverroche. No scarce resources are used in the manufacturing of the products, our gins are so uniquely different to one another because of the different types of fynbos and the different geographical location from which it comes from”, says founder and CEO, Lorna Scott.

It is the experience and celebration of this Pioneering Spirit that has inspired the launch of the Inverroche Gin Academy which is the ultimate extension of the Inverroche Brand Home-based in Still Bay. This bespoke and interactive gin distillation experience has been created to convey the brand story and heritage by promoting the creativity and authenticity of the founder and CEO Lorna Scott, by reinforcing her vision for Inverroche through a direct consumer engagement experience that allow our customers and consumers the opportunity to enter the luxurious and tailored world of Inverroche.

“This activation allows guests to engage with all the various elements of the brand and will leave the experience with a passion for the category and craft! By Nature, we aim to be an instrument of change, reconnecting people to the natural wonders, each other, and a place we can all call home. A seemingly magical category of distillation, juniper, botanicals, flavour and colour! Naturally, when you respect the ground, you take from, we all get to celebrate tomorrow”.

Book your space and experience the Inverroche Gin Academy at www.inverroche.com/gin-academy

Base experience – R850

 Full experience – R1200 incl:

·         3 gin cocktails/ drinks 

·         Canape’s

·         Gin Experience

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