Espiquet, Cye, Mondo Dusk & TopGogg Release Rubber Bandz

Rubber Bandz – is the first single from a collaborative project spanning artists from Kandy Koated Music, Dizzy Monk Entertainment and Where The Boats Ride University. This single celebrates a staple of hip-hop culture – The Strip Club – even in a time when money and events are scarce. The video brings the collective together at an exclusive event with dancers doing their thing under a shower of bandz.

Rubber Bandz is the first of a flood still to come from this collaboration that is part of a new wave movement of independent, emerging and established artists in SA Hip Hop. This collective is carving out new sounds and spaces in the industry. Stay tuned as this exciting project unfolds!

LISTEN to Rubber Bandz HERE

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Twitter: @TopGogg
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YouTube: Dizzy Monk Entertainment

Twitter: @Mondo_Dusk
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Twitter: @Supercye_
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