Espacio Dios Returns With Summer Drops Throughout December

Espacio Dios fans can look forward to a triple wave of singles dropping this December on the 15th, 24th and 31st respectively. Following a singular sonic theme, these tracks explore and speak to Espacio Dios’ spiritual upbringing. This can be heard in the heavy drums and warm guitar chords – they express a certain sonic ascension. 

‘Deliverance’ (15 December) is a song that introduces us to the person that transports Espacio Dios back to his Mafikeng childhood. It is a search for embedded memories and a nostalgic yearning for the simplicity of our younger years. 

‘The Knowing’ (24 December) looks at the idea of self-awareness and gratitude. Espacio Dios chants reminders to appreciate the journey, the gifts it has brought and the moments in the present. Sometimes we are in a constant state of chasing the things that we want, this record reminds us to be grateful for all that we already have. 

‘Thlali’ (31 December) is a distinctly SeTswana inspired track. Espacio Dios brings us into his subconscious to relay a dream where his late grandmother appears to him to remind the artist about the value of identity, culture and those that came before him. 

Expanding on the singles, Espacio Dios explains that, “my music follows feeling, these songs are different carriages in the same stream of consciousness. They express different aspects of the same energy.” This slate of singles follows a successful EP release; ‘Panorama Route’ with placements on major DSP playlists including Spotify’s SAlt, African Glow and Apple Music’s New In Alternative and New Music Daily. The BMG-signed artist’s ‘Mangwane’ off of his ‘Percussive Planet album can be heard on Netflix South Africa’s hit series, ‘Blood & Water’ (S2).

Connect with Espacio Dios on Spotify, Apple MusicInstagramTwitterFacebook, and YouTube.

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