Epic-Contests Launches Uplifting Beauty Social Contest ‘Facebeat’

Connect the world through experiences – that is the longstanding mission for the social contest platform, Epic-Contests. This platform continues to create remarkable socially uplifting experiences to empower society. Their newest offering in the digital contest space is a fresh and exciting outlook for make-up artists and enthusiasts. The Facebeat contest is giving artists & enthusiasts the opportunity to win R100 000 in cash and prizes, and an exclusive dinner with influential leaders in the creative and beauty industries. 

Perhaps the most exciting feature about the contest is the fact that the platform enables participants to submit their entries from the comfort of their own homes, from anywhere in the world. The African startup, Epic-Contests is relentlessly driving social cohesion through digital formats and incredible travel experiences. This social content platform is founded by Ted Koka, an entrepreneur and broadcast media specialist; “At first, I was inspired to solve the problem for myself. The vision is to build a platform that gives people from all walks of life access to high value, shared experiences. Travel is intuitive and a driver of social cohesion the world over. I also wanted to build a borderless platform for digital formats that will empower the freelance creative economy, particularly across music, arts and beauty. Ultimately, creating social good is a key tent pole of our business.”

The purpose of Facebeat is to be more than a make-up contest. It’s an empowerment platform for artists around the world aimed at creating opportunities for like-minded creatives to connect & learn. The season one judging panel is made up of talented and well-known make-up artists including Khay Republik, Jessica Van Heerden, Nomsa Madida and Slimgirlsupreme. “We’re excited to be a part of Facebeat and it’s a great pleasure to discover fresh talent”, concludes Ted. Participants can start this career-changing journey by posting a makeup look video (max 3mins). The contest contains a live, real-time leaderboard that demonstrates the vote count for all entries; the top ten highest voted entries will walk away with the coveted prizes. Clocks ticking – submit your entries  HERE.

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Instagram: @epic_contests_world
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