[EDITORIAL] Inspiration Behind Rae Mdeza’s Wrapped Series Photoshoot

Conceptualization is one of the most important steps any creative needs to execute a brief or idea they want to see like. Ahead of National Head Wrap Day, being today, we take a look at the work of all-round creative, model and writer, Rae Mdeza to explore her inspiration behind the “Wrapped Series” photoshoot she did for headwrap/doek brand byMaletsatsi.

To explain her process and inspiration, Rae says “when I started brainstorming idea’s I knew I wanted the main focus to be the headwrap/doek. So, simple clothes, with solid colours to draw full attention to what was happening on my head. The idea of an ostrich sticking its head out of the grass came to mind and I knew that was the feeling I wanted to create”.

“To be in a “sea” of grass and just have my head stick out like an ostrich. I started searching for shot styles on Pinterest and found some great images to use as a reference point. It was still wintertime at the moment so the grass was dry and brown instead of green and fresh. This surprisingly worked out to my advantage, it helped to create a warm feeling in the photographs, even though I was actually freezing while shooting”, she adds.

“We (my mother & I) decided to shoot at sunset to get the best golden hour light but we were also racing against time. The grass in the field that we shot was tall enough to allow for the desired effect and thus, the “Wrapped’ series was created”, Rae concludes.

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