D’ussé VSOP Showcases The Art Of Cognac Craftsmanship

D’USSÉ VSOP will be rolling out a series of brand-inspired immersive lifestyle experiences across South Africa to help cognac lovers discover the unique craft of the premium French brand. This is after a successful D’USSÉ VSOP Day Party where guests got to experience the brand’s pedigree and how it fits perfectly into the lifestyles of those with a discerning palette.

Guests at the D’USSÉ VSOP Day Party enjoyed live entertainment and music in a relaxed, fun atmosphere with five D’USSÉ VSOP cocktails on offer flowing. The cocktails have been specifically designed to showcase the versatility of cognac in the world of mixology. “We decided to do the D’USSÉ VSOP Day Party because we want consumers to experience the lighter side of the brand. We want to change the perception of cognac as a serious drink that can only be enjoyed neat in a muted setting. Cognac blends beautifully in cocktails and can be enjoyed in a fun, daytime setting too.” said Sanele Gwala: Marketing Manager Middle East & Africa D’USSÉ. 

D’USSÉ VSOP plans to launch a number of immersive lifestyle experiences in three major cities in South Africa, and further announcements on future events will be announced during the course of the year. D’USSÉ VSOP is available nationwide from all major distributors and major retail outlets.  

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