Dulux Introduces The Energising Act Palette

In recent years there has been a growing sense that we can’t always look to those in power to take action on issues that matter to us – such as sustainability. We have seen growth in people taking responsibility and getting involved. It’s a positive, pro-active mood – we have an urge to do, act and take a stand.

The Dulux colour specialists at the AkzoNobel Global Aesthetic Centre in the Netherlands now introduce the fourth and final palette from their annual trends report: Colour FuturesTM: the Act palette, which seeks to create and inspire action and change. Every year, the Dulux colour specialists at leading paint and coatings manufacturer, AkzoNobel, create a series of diverse palettes around one central Colour of the Year. This year’s colour Creme Brulee was launched in September 2018 along with the first of four palettes; the Think palette, which was designed to create calm thinking spaces. This was followed by the launch of the second palette, Love, in February 2019, designed to create a strong sense of belonging and togetherness evoked by colours that bring people in, and thirdly the Dream palette, which seeks to create tranquility, retreat, where the mind can simply drift away for a moment.

“All around the world, there’s a growing excitement about the impact of our deeds, the mantra is ‘think global, act local’. Our most exciting plans can begin at home, and people need a place that supports them in their endeavours and spurs them on,” says Palesa Ramaisa, Dulux South Africa Colour Consultant.

The playful Act palette combines vivid red and green with paler pink and blue, underlined by crisp greys and whites. The golden tones of our honeyed Colour of the Year ensure that the palette stays warm and inviting. This home can be brought to life with reclaimed furniture which has been painted and personalised, such as, bold graphic shapes, low-key cork and plywood with vintage rugs.

Our homes can be our support base, a testing ground and a springboard for action. Home can be a place that sparks action and allows you to give things a try, whatever the outcome. It’s the four walls that listen when you first voice an idea, and where you solve a problem under the jets of the shower.

“This palette allows your home to charge you up with energy and momentum,” adds Ramaisa. “The ACT home dweller is bold and brave, but also fun and uncomplicated.”

“It’s all about creating opportunities to act and initiate change, small acts can make a big difference. Creating a place within your home that inspires and motivates action and what better month to launch than in Mandela month. Through this palette we urge everyone to do one small act of kindness regularly without expecting reward or praise. The ripple effects can often be felt long after the deed,” concludes Ramaisa.

AkzoNobel have been forecasting annual colour trends since 2003. Find out more about the Colour FuturesTM report on the Dulux social pages FacebookTwitter and Pinterest orInstagram.

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