DJ Sumbody Drops The Official Video For ‘Lerato’ Featuring Rorisang

Certified hitmaker, DJ Sumbody, shares the official video for his single ‘Lerato’ featuring Rorisang. Talking about love and waiting for the right one, Rorisang narrates a love story in a melodically nostalgic manner. When asked why he chose Rorisang, Sumbody said:

“Rorisang is a female vocalist that I met back in the day, she was a part of a musical group “Muzart” as a lead singer, and even back then I used to love her work. So fortunately we met again now during lockdown when I went to Metro FM to perform and I suggested we jump into studio and that’s how Lerato was birthed. What inspired the song (I must give all credit to Rorisang) is love, and the fact that she’s still a virgin at her age, all in the name of waiting for love! It took us about a day (5-6 hours) to complete the song, we created the beat while she was in studio and she just started flowing, and what I really like and enjoy about working with Rorisang is that she is just very chilled, so easy to work with and fun… In short she is amazing!”

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