DJ Sabby & Flemoji Drop EP Shining A Spotlight On Unsigned Talent

Earlier this year, Metro FM radio personality DJ Sabby announced that he has teamed up with online talent scout agency, Flemoji, to spotlight some of the finest unsigned musicians in the country, effectively giving them a stage and audience so that they can further their careers as musicians. This is incredibly on-brand for DJ Sabby who has always been passionate about the local music industry and providing a space for young talent to be seen on a much larger scale. Now, the ‚ÄėNext Up‚Äô project is here.

What began as an Instagram initiative for DJ Sabby to connect with¬†upcoming talent during the Covid-19 pandemic has now become a¬†complete and¬†polished project as the ‚ÄėNext Up‚Äô EP showcases up-and-coming talent he has¬†discovered over the past few months alongside¬†their packaged singles.

Over 40 artists were shortlisted for the project and 20 have been selected to collaborate on various tracks that were recorded and packaged at music recording studio and podcast radio station, Blueprint Studios in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. These include Pillboyy, MorenaQ, Maglakz, Nest, DeCool, KwaziM, Rowmy Flamez, CJaymnandi, Miss Nozinatorr, GTwizz, Leezy, Chemi, Spacesave Logic, Kaydoo, Soweto Acapella and Picasso BaBy.

‚ÄúEveryone who knows me knows how passionate I am about¬†building the local music industry and giving new artists a platform to showcase¬†their work. We had a talent Search in the midst of the pandemic and it was all¬†virtual via Instagram and it‚Äôs how the project was born. I am so¬†excited to¬†showcase these talented up-and-comers on this body of work,‚ÄĚ DJ Sabby says of¬†the ‚ÄėNext Up‚Äô EP. ‚ÄúThe group of people I picked¬†for this had the right energy¬†and were in the right mindset for such a task and it comes across in the music.¬†It’s an experience that I won’t¬†forget.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄėNext Up‚Äô¬†EP Tracklist:

1. DJ Sabby ft Soweto Acapella, Pillboyy РIMALI (Intro) (Prod by SiyaCee 808)
2. DJ Sabby ft Morena ( & Maglakz РBALEKA (Prod by Yung Lotha)
3. DJ Sabby ft Kwazi M & Rowmy Flamez РNOTHING (Prod by SiyaCee 808)
4. DJ Sabby ft Miss Nozinator, Kwazi M, G Twizz & Rowmy Flamez РPSVCHO (Prod by Cactus and Jack Love)
5. Du Sabby ft C. Jaymnandi – DON MAIRAFELA (Prod by Ron Epidemic)
6. DJ Sabby ft Spacesave Logic & Nest РWHAT IT DO (Prod by SiyaCee 808)
7. DJ Sabby ft Rowmy Flamez & Picasso BaBy, C. Jaymnandi –¬†SPOOKED UP (Prod by Kultcha of Strictly187)
8. DJ Sabby ft Pillboyy – HOLD IT STEADY (Prod by Kavirl Beats)
9. DJ Sabby ft Kaydoo – POLO (Prod by EXT 9 SOUND)
10. DJ Sabby ft Pillboyy, Chemi & Rowmy Flamez РuSHELENI (Prod by Cactus and Jack Love)
11. DJ Sabby ft Kaydoo & Nest РSHAKA ZULU (Prod by Sizwe Kwethemba)
12. DJ Sabby ft DeCool, Maglakz & Morena Q РTOP SGELEGEQE (Prod by Eight08 ICU)
13. DJ Sabby ft Pillboyy, DeCool & Leezy РUMQONDO (Prod by Makwa)
14. DJ Sabby ft Maglakz & Morena Q РTHATA (Prod by Eight08 ICU)

For more information, follow DJ Sabby (@dj_sabby) and Flemoji (@flemoji) on Instagram and Twitter. Drip Footwear is a proud sponsor of the ‚ÄėNext Up‚Äô EP.

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