DJ Kaygo Teams Up With Focalistic, Tweezy & Makwa On New Single

Popular DJ Kaygo – known for turning out hits on the hip hop dance floor; is excited to release his fourth music single. Produced by Golden Beats and DJ Kaygo – Nou Di Laas is a street lingo banger depicting street love for the new rappers on the block. Nou Di Laas serves up a combination of Pretoria Sotho, slick vernac lines, and street hip hop themes on a sublime beat. DJ Kaygo cleverly brings in Focalistic, Tweezy, and Makwa to deliver clever kwaito references on their rap verses. The trio together with the DJ rope in an easy flowing, super catchy, and street relevant chorus – earmarking Nou Di Laas as a hit. 

“It’s been a while since my last release, I was a bit hesitant because of what’s going on but the people need a young distraction” – said DJ Kaygo on the release of the song. He went on to say, “Nou Di Laas is a fresh, dope track, that tells it like it is using proudly South African slang about being block hot due to rap success.”


Nou Di Laas dropped on Friday 05 June 2020, across all digital stores for streaming and purchase. 


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