Dj Euphonik Shows Local Artists How It’s Done

Being one of the most influential DJ’s and a game changer in the music industry, DJ Euphonik has taken it upon himself to school local artists on how to go about securing a good digital music distribution deal by dropping his new summer hit exclusively on JOOX, South Africa’s fastest growing music streaming app, in partnership with local music aggregator, TurnUp Music.

Things recently unfolded quickly on Twitter after DJ Euphonik announced that he would shortly be dropping new music. He expressed the opinion that there was no point in holding on to great music especially when people really just want to dance. Being a platform that strongly supports local music talent, music streaming service, JOOX in partnership with TurnUp Music ZA met with Euphonik to make the track available on the platform.

A few hours and a conversation later, Euphonik’s new summer dance floor hit Ama Bhoza was released exclusively on JOOX. The strong local music focus of JOOX as well as its clear vision for releasing new local music secured the deal. This summer’s biggest hit, Ama Bhoza features DJ Tira, NaakMusiq & Bekzin Terris and music lovers can now stream it exclusively on JOOX.

“So when we negotiate deals, do we negotiate selfishly or do we negotiate deals that move everyone in the industry forward?” This is one of the questions posed by the DJ himself after the meeting. Euphonik’s hustle is on another level and from this experience, he will be sharing knowledge on how local artists may go about securing a digital music distribution deal with JOOX and TurnUp Music ZA.

While you wait for Euphonik to drop that knowledge, get his new track, “Ama Bhoza” featuring DJ Tira, NaakMusiQ & Bekzin Terris on JOOX:

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