Dickies Africa – New Look, New Feel, Same Iconic Brand

Dickies has reached its century milestone and turned 100 years old. A rebrand to show the growth and evolution of the brand is the most important way to commemorate this significant milestone. In the 1990s, Dickies workwear made its way into the hearts of many South Africans. More specifically, amapantsula.

As the years went by, South Africans came to realize that Dickies didn’t only make clothing for amapantsula, it makes clothing for us all – the skateboarder, the dancer, the creative, and the accountant. Dickies is not about the clothing but about the person in the clothing; it represents their passions, experiences, dreams, and most importantly their stories.

With this rebrand, Dickies Africa has taken on more of a cleaner and sleeker aesthetic; bringing the brand closer to its international family – blending the two as one. Dickies aims to blend the local and international families as one, allowing for continuity and consistency throughout the brand as a whole community.

Join Dickies for the new and exciting journey!


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