De Mil Clothing challenges convention at SA Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018

The fashion industry has given a voice to some of the most brilliant, brave, creative and inspirational people throughout the ages. Certain revolutions have started on the runway and some of the most taboo issues have been given a voice to present their arguments, and this season at SA Fashion Week will be no different.

De Mil Clothing will be showing a Spring/Summer collection entitled The Crown, that will liberate the imagination and challenge convention like never before. Coenraad De Mol, the designer behind De Mil, will use the collection to share a part of himself with the industry by making a bold statement through a deeply personal collection – a product of a three-year spiritual journey.

This body of work has been designed to honour God. Coenraad has made a shift from the darker tones in previous collections to creating bolder yet softer pieces, also symbolising the shift in his life.

Coenraad drew his inspiration for these handcrafted pieces from the alter robes worn in the Roman Catholic Church. There will be subtle elements of religious iconography that will reflect through ancient weaving techniques that he will be applying as well as through unique jewellery pieces created by E.G. Jewellery.

Coenraad is no stranger to gender issues and aims to ignite a conversation about individuality through his work. The Crown will take to the runway without fear of criticism or judgement. It is a statement collection for all those who long to express themselves as they choose, without conforming to any societal pressure or preconceptions of who or what they should be.

The collection will contain an exceptional amount of artistry and handwork. Coenraad will be making 70% of this collection by hand and only 30% of the work will be produced by his team of seamstresses.

De Mil Clothing will show The Crown tonight at 20:00 and will re-imagine the way you look at yourself and what you wear. It will stimulate a conversation that is long over-due and will give meaning to the struggles people face with gender, identity and self. Tickets for this show will be available and can be purchased from


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