Creators Share Tips On How To Navigate The Digital Age

What does an Olympic skateboarding qualifier, a fashion designer, hairstylist and photographer have in common? They are all creatives and leaders who inspire the communities in their respective fields of sport, fashion, beauty and photography through their ‘never give up’ spirits. 

There has been a sharp increase in social media engagement as South Africans have tried to social distance through the use of these platforms in an attempt to stay connected to loved ones, friends and colleagues during the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying connected also means having to learn to navigate endless video conferencing, video calls and live streams on social media platforms.

These four ambassadors for Nokia smartphones share their tips and tricks on how they are navigating the digital world.

Use the latest platforms, think outside the box and implement change

Professional skateboarder, 3X Guinness World Record Holder, Olympic skateboarding qualifier and Nokia ambassador, shares what he has learnt during this time.

  • Use your devices to smart-up your life and create some routine. For instance, if you study online, use your mobile phone as a classroom bell. I set daily reminders on my Nokia 7.2 phone the night before to help schedule my days to resemble a regular day. I do this with the dedicated Google Assistant Button which provides an always-on-display when the device is charging and allows me to view my upcoming calendar entries.
  • Think outside the box. The internet is limitless, and we can turn our ideas into action in a matter of minutes. The key is to finding apps that bring out your best abilities – whether it is song writing, video production, art or even cooking. Remember, everything you document is content.

Create content that inspires 

Zoliswa ‘zolfreckels’ Mbadu fashion designer and all-round cool girl places emphasis on engagement and consistency:

  • It is important now more than ever for one to be active on social media, because that is the fastest and most convenient way to reach your audience. So, while you cannot physically connect with your most important clients, fans or followers, channel your passion point and expertise into the digital space to create a platform to engage where they are.
  • Most people are at home during this time, which means you have a captive audience. I create fun tips and advice videos on how to dress for online meetings with my Nokia smartphone which has a feature-packed camera fuelled by AI. Make your content your own – whether it’s recipe ideas, insight into your industry, or showing solidarity by participating in challenges – digital creates an opportunity to stay connected despite distance.

Share your knowledge with your nearest and dearest

Hairstylist , Bomzi Lekgoro has some personal lessons to share that she has learnt from life in lockdown:

  • My greatest lesson during social distancing was teaching my parents the significance of a video call, having them know that they can interact with their friends and family and showing them that they could travel the world without leaving the comfort of their home. It was fun to log onto YouTube using my Nokia 7.2 with PureDisplay technology which allows for an immersive entertainment experience viewing on the go and have them see and ‘experience’ different things about people, their cultures and way of living.
  • The shift to digital also creates an opportunity to enhance your skills, be it by learning how to do braids or cutting hair in my industry, or how to create grow your own veggie garden – there is so much information out there that could enrich your life (personally and professionally).

Scroll and discover

Cape-town based photographer; Theodore Afrika has this to share with social media enthusiasts:

  • Scroll through social media and discover and educate yourself on any new websites or apps that could teach you tips and tricks and improve daily activities.  As a photographer I find the triple camera set up with ZEISS Optics on my Nokia perfect for capturing the best shot. It also comes with an AI-powered front camera setup, consisting of a 20MP camera and the display technology brings your content to life with wide colour reproduction, high dynamic contrast ratio for video and high brightness.
  • Gather content which you find intriguing and start a mood board from the things you find interesting – this could guide you on how to take your next step – whether it’s for a personal passion project, or a professional ambition to strike career gold. Once you have a vision, your transition to digital life, and bringing it into your daily routine, should be smooth.

The advice from these digital savvy creators should help you navigate the internet of things on your phone or laptop for everything from online meetings, to weddings and after-work drinks!

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