Converse’s Collaboration With Beijing Streetwear Brand SOULGOODS

Beijing streetwear brand, SOULGOODS’ iconic tiger graphic takes over the Jack Purcell and Chuck 70 canvas. Hailing from Beijing, SOULGOODS aspires to share a slice of local culture with the world, through their running concept of “From Beijing To The World”. As the heart of the brand is its iconic tiger logo, which represents the traditional Chinese cultural significance of “transmitting positive energy” to drive off evil spirits and invite good luck in.

In the first-ever collaboration with Converse, SOULGOODS uses their iconic “soul tiger” head logo to take over both the classic Jack Purcell Ox and Chuck 70 Hi silhouettes. The orange Chuck 70 comes with black laces and features the Chuck Taylor logo patch as the “tiger eye”, and a black toe cap serves as the “tiger nose”. The soles of the shoes read out “From Beijing” on the right shoe, and “To The World” on the left shoe. The gray Jack Purcell Ox features a similar design concept, and its contrasting toe-cap with the signature Jack Purcell smile adds a special touch to the bold design. Every style has a meaning, every product has a story, “This collaboration is a representation of the bustling Beijing youth, and is a step closer to bringing Beijing to the World.”

The details (Converse x SOULGOODS Jack Purcell):

  • Limited-edition low top sneaker designed by Beijing’s SOULGOODS
  • Matte-printed canvas
  • Oversized tiger logo print cropped to fit low top canvas
  • Muted neutral color palette
  • Contrasting toe-cap with signature Jack Purcell smile
  • Custom SOULGOODS vintage license plate
  • Multilayered cushioning for all-day comfort

The details (Converse x SOULGOODS Chuck 70):

  • Classic Canvas silhouette with SOULGOODS print
  • Iconic SOULGOODS “Tiger Head” pattern on upper
  • Custom SOULGOODS vintage license plate
  • “From Beijing” and “To The World” are printed in Chinese Characters on the right and left soles of the shoes.

The Converse x SOULGOODS launched exclusively online at 10 June 2021.
Price Range: R1 299.95- R1 399.95

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