Cody Blayzz’s International Local EP Now Available On All Digital Platforms

Cody Blayzz exclusively premiers his much-anticipated project ‘International Local EP’ after earlier announcement and promotions released on his social media pages.

Stream/Download here:

The EP is a follow-up to his previous, heavily discussed effort, ‘Love, Life and Law’, and shows the artist displaying amazing growth, establishing a brand and implementing a wider range of styles and techniques so far.

Artwork EP

“Thank you to my fans for the love and support, they should expect more work from me, the best of me is yet to come cause I believe there is no end to learning and improving in one’s work or career,” expresses Cody Blayzz.

The EP’s lead single, Tired, is a cheeky interpolation of distinct music, showing off Cody Blayzz prowess as a versatile musician. International Local EP released under God Mcee Group Management is a blend of musical genres and influences, from heavy dance, to the seductive R&B sounds inspired by his musical art.

International Local is a blend of musical genres and influences, from Intense Love sounds like ‘Tired’, to the seductive R&B sounds of ‘Deposit’, and ‘Super Love’, inspired by various music legends.

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Connect with Cody Blayzz:

Facebook:  Cody Blayzz

Twitter: @cody_blayzz

Instagram: @cody_blayzz

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