#ClayAwayTheDay with POND’S

South African Heritage skincare brand, POND’S, recently announced the launch of its very first range of Mineral Clay Cleansers. The brand carefully selected one of the world’s most prestigious and potent clays from Morocco, with four times the dirt absorption power and bio-minerals, to create the NEW POND’S Mineral Clay Cleansers.

Designed to completely transform your daily skincare regime, these cleansers boast multiple detoxing and rejuvenating properties. Their unique formula also transforms to a deep cleansing facial foam when it comes in contact with water, making it easy to simply #ClayAwayTheDay.

NEW POND’S Mineral Clay Cleansers are available in three variants: Flawless Radiance Mineral Clay for smoother and brighter skin, Pure Detox Mineral Clay for exfoliated and polished skin, and the Pimple Clear Mineral Clay which is formulated to reduce signs of pimples.

“Because POND’S understands that we live in an ever-changing world, with evolving needs, we create transformative skin solutions at The POND’S Institute, delivered through the most advanced technology and backed by some of the world’s latest trends,” says Bawinile Kwela, Marketing Manager for Hair and Face Care – Unilever. “Our products are as enjoyable as they are efficacious: think delightful textures, sensory experiences, and exciting formats. This is especially true when it comes to NEW POND’S Mineral Clay Cleansers, designed especially for an environment where women are looking for products on the cutting-edge of science and innovation, giving them experiences that go beyond the norm.”

Apart from being specifically formulated to address three of the most prevalent skincare needs, the clay contained within NEW POND’S Mineral Clay Cleansers also contains properties such as detoxing, pulling out bacteria and impurities from the skin (without over-drying), removing dead skin cells, and oxygenating the skin.

Available now at all major retails at an RSP of R89,99, you can also clay it, foam it and wash away the day with NEW POND’S Mineral Clay Cleansers.

To learn more about POND’S Mineral Clay Cleansers, please visit www.ponds.com/za. To follow the conversation on social media, find POND’s on Facebook (@PondsSouthAfrica), Instagram (@ponds_sa) and Twitter (@PONDS_SA), and join the conversation using #ClayAwayTheDay.

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