Citizen Deep & Kasango Drop Single Ilizwi With Music Video

Today, music producer and DJ, Tivani Ian Junior Mkhombo popularly known as Citizen Deep drops the music video of his latest single Ilizwi, now available on all digital platforms. The single is taken out of his most recent album titled “ARCADE”. “Ilizwi is about the word of God and emphasizes on Ephesians chapter 6. It speaks about salvation when bukeka says “khasenzeli inceba” she means God must give us power and grace to apply the word of God in our lives because one cannot do it without the spirit of God or rather the Holy spirit’s guidance.” – Shares Bukeka

On this fire tune, Citizen Deep had the opportunity to work with the dance and electronic music producer, DJ Kasango. According to Citizen Deep “Making Ilizwi with Kasango and Bukeka was such a smooth and beautiful process. Bukeka and I wanted to work on something for years now and when the chance came, we just rocked.” -He shares. He also said that him and Kasango have always had a great creative synergy and that they just always get each other whenever they are in the studio together. The video captures the true sense of the song in that it delivers the message of the good news carried in Bukeka’s vocals.

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Watch Here The Music Video On YouTube From 6pm (CAT)!

Iliwizi follows after the release of Citizen Deep’s well-received single Uyam’saba featuring Sir Trill. Still proving his sonic performing skills, in the standout new track Ilizwi, Citizen Deep captures a diverse range of sounds with a bump of entertaining collaborations. With so much to offer his fans, Citizen deep said that he would love to release an album in the year 2022, but one thing for sure is that he has been working on new music that he hopes to release and share with his fans this year.

Hoping to cement himself as a musician and the most talented producer in the entertainment industry. Citizen Deep has managed to remain consistent, relevant and continues to benchmark himself as an artist, brand, and afro tech music maven.

Stream & Download Ilizwi Here!

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