Champagne 69, Tyrant And Darne To Headline Soweto Youth Festival

All eyes will be on Champagne 69, Tyrant and Darne as they are set to headline the prominent Soweto Youth Festival on 15 – 16 June 2018.

The Soweto Music Festival is a two-day youth month celebration event aimed at creating and expressing ideas and network with different personalities. It is a musical extravaganza aimed at empowering the youth.

Champagne 69, Tyrant and Darne’s performance at the Soweto Youth Festival comes after weeks of embarking on a new journey with globally represented music powerhouse Universal Music.

The trio are signed to powerhouse independent record label Mi-Stro Records known for providing quality services and support for young artists, leading them to reach their full potential and to compete at the highest level in the music business.

Mi-Stro Records is home to a number of other young artists which include February, KT’yana, WaV.GANG, Roy Charamba, Blayze DeVille and Yan Solo.

Champagne 69, Tyrant and Darne have captured the hearts of many South Africans both young and old over the last year and with their impressive resume, they have promised to be stand out players of note in the South African hip hop landscape and the performance at the Soweto Youth Festival is just another testament to that.

Known for their entertaining live performances. Make sure to purchase your tickets now. This is not a performance to be missed and follow Mi-Stro Records on social media for more details.

 Connect with Mi-Stro Records:

Facebook: Mi-Stro Records ( )

Twitter: @ MiStroRecords

Instagram: @ mistrorecords


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