Celebrate Africa Day & The Rest Of The Month With Huawei

As we celebrate Africa Day today, people across the continent recognise their strong cultural identity and common heritage. And what better way to reflect on our diversity, creativity, and successes than to attend some cool concerts happening across Africa? Using Petal Maps as your guide while listening to the coolest playlist on HUAWEI Music, you’ll be sure not to miss out on anything.

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There’s no better place to begin than at The Market Theatre in Johannesburg with the Africa Month Musical Concert. This will be a day filled with music and entertainment at the Windybrow parking lot of the Theatre. There will be a host of upcoming artists from across Africa and a closing performance from the internationally renowned band, The Brother Moves On. Don’t worry about trying to find your way there. The advanced navigation of Petal Maps provides you with an innovative heads-up display mode. This means you can focus on the road knowing that all local traffic is taken into account.

If you want to have a mix of all sorts of cultures this Africa Day, also consider checking out the Tequila And Mexican Food Festival taking place at The Royal Elephant Hotel in Centurion. Featuring an impressive line-up of artists that include Refentse, Chunda Munki, and Francois van Coke you can be entertained whilst having a culinary treat to remember. Consider posting some photos or videos on Petal Maps or check out other user-submitted content to keep the party going for those who won’t be able to attend in person.

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Turning our attention to Nigeria, head over to the Joy of Music Africa (JOMA) concert on 25 May. This three-hour live experience will feature an Afro-centric 35-man crew consisting of amazing singers, dancers and dramatists. It is all about pure and fusion African music at its finest. Using Petal Maps, you will be able to access location-specific comments that include reviews and ratings of the best food to eat or the great talent to go and listen to while attending the festival. The fun user-generated content is sure to enrich your concert-going experience and bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

The big concert to be seen will be the Africa Day Celebration in Nigeria today. Featuring the best talent and music artists in the region, you’ll be treated to a party explosion like no other. You can even save some of the cool venue locations on Petal Maps with the funky ‘saved places’ feature. With just one click this ensures you never get lost and can easily find yourself at your favourite party spot. You can also create custom names for each of these saved locations to associate with the experience you had there.

Even though the Heart of Music concert in Lagos is only taking place on 28 May, a few days after Africa Day, there’s still a lot to celebrate. In fact, this event is designed to think about all the things we Africans have to be thankful for, especially our culture and heritage.

You can also celebrate Africa Day with HUAWEI Music’s dedicated African Playlists including; Amapiano Groves, Afrobeats Non-Stop Maskani Rhythm, SA Icons, Mzansi Mix, and Klankbaan van my lewe which showcases the best music from around the continent. Click here to explore HUAWEI Music’s African playlists.

Download HUAWEI Music and Petal Maps and explore all they have to offer this Africa Day.

Featured Photo by Ben Masora on Unsplash

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