Catch The Ingram’s Skin Sessions This July To September

Like the spectrum of the rainbow, South African skin tones are vast and beautiful. However, the influence of media and social media have caused many of us to struggle with the skin we’re in. We’re constantly bombarded by unattainable standards of beauty – in magazines, TV, advertisements and online – that we underestimate the true beauty of being ourselves, in the skin we’re in. 

Today, the online world is filled with keyboard warriors who hide behind their phones and laptops criticizing anything and anyone that’s not the picture of “perfection”. So being brave in the skin we’re in, and owning it with pride, can be a challenge. This August will see the launch of the Ingram’s Skin Sessions, a campaign that not only focuses on our daily skin and body confidence struggles but also aims to ignite real conversations about topics that often go undiscussed.

The Ingram’s Skin Sessions are episodes that aim to go where no brand has gone before to uncover the internal struggles some of South Africa’s favourite personalities experience. To give society a chance to look in the mirror and show us how we treat ourselves and each other. To demonstrate the ripple effect of words and actions and what roles brands and media play in shaping and allowing the skewed reality of what ‘beautiful’ is.  

Each episode will take place on Expresso and Afternoon Express from 28 July 2020 and focus a series of influencers and panelists who will unpack their daily struggles in taking pride in their skin while battling the opinions and voices that try to tear them down. Each has faced backlash, either public or personal, that has had ripple effects on others’ self-confidence. Some of the notable voices behind challenging South Africans to be brave in their skin include: YouTube sensation Lasizwe Dambuza; poet and social commentator Lebo Mashile; model Sanele Xaba; and activist Zulaikha Patel.

“The Ingram’s ‘Your Skin; Your Brave’ campaign is about giving people the confidence to ignite their inner bravery. Being brave in the skin we’re in and owning it with pride can be challenging. We all have our insecurities that are exacerbated by the realities of our everyday circumstances. It is imperative for us, as a proudly South African brand, to celebrate our collective beauty by creating skincare products that care for all skin types, but also to be a voice that celebrates the unique beauty of every skin,” says Ingram’s brand manager, Venus-Gene Jackson.

Ingram’s Camphor Cream was originally created in South Africa in 1937, and for over 80 years Ingram’s, affectionately known to many South African’s as ‘the skin doctor’, has been focused on developing creams and lotions that moisturize, nourish and care for your skin, because healthy skin is beautiful skin. 

“At Ingram’s we believe that everyone’s perceptions of beauty are different. Being brave in your skin means loving how your skin and body looks and feels, not because it’s perfect but because it’s yours, and it reflects who you are.” concludes Gene-Jackson.

Catch the Ingram’s Skin Sessions on Expresso and Afternoon Express from 27 July 2020  to 18 September 2020.

Week 1 | The Politics of Beauty: A discussion on colourism in a global and South African context

With Lebo Mashile and Ayanda Mhlongo. Hosted by Expresso presenters, Jamie-Lee Domburg and Kuhle Adams and Palesa Tembe on Afternoon Express

Week 2 | Beautiful Boys: A look into gendered beauty and the modern definition of masculinity

With Ryle de Morny, Sanele Xaba and Lasizwe Dambuza  will join Ryle De Morny ,Graeme Richards  on Expresso and Palesa Tembe on Afternoon Express 

Week 3 | This is skin deep: Social media vs. Self-Confidence

With Oyama Botha, Davina-Mae Gordon and Zulaikha Patel will join Katlego Maboe and Kuhle Adams on Expresso and Palesa Tembe on Afternoon Express

Week 4 | Skin care myth busters: Fake news debunked

With Dr Sindi van Zyl, Ody Flames, Brighton Ngoma, Sanele Xaba  join Katlego Maboe and Thabiso Makhubela on Expresso and Palesa Tembe on Afternoon Express.

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