Castle Lite Launches Much Needed 18-Pack

The LITE at the end of the tunnel. After the Castle Lite crisis that went viral on twitter last week, the brand has decided to make the impossible possible by relaunching their 18-pack for festive season! The disruption in supply wasn’t because they couldn’t deliver but rather because they were planning to over deliver. “It’s festive season and we want to reward consumers who remain loyal to our brand and enjoy the Extra Cold, refreshing taste of Castle Lite, so we decided to switch out the 12-pack for an 18-pack at the same price during the festive season. Thank you South Arica for your continued support! Enjoy Extra Cold!”. – Silke Bucker; Castle Lite Marketing Manager. So, as you breathe your collective sigh of relief, have a glass of Extra Cold Castle Lite because there will be a lot of it to go around this festive season!

In the meantime, be sure to experience all things cool on the Castle Lite website, and get yourself a pack of Extra Cold beer.

Remember to drink responsibly!

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