Castle Lite Encourages All Women To #HoldMyBeer

Radio personality Dineo Ranaka turned up the heat on social media and addressed one of society’s prominent stereotypes – that beer is only for men. This conversation has spread like wild fire and women across the country are sharing their opinions with regards to the social misinterpretation that they shouldn’t drink beer with the hashtag #HoldMyBeer.

Castle Lite has been following the conversation and the team took a long hard look at the role they might have played in making females feel so excluded.

Over the years, Castle Lite advertising has heroe’d men and diminished the role of women, even potentially objectifying them. It is time to apologise for this and take a strong stance to change how the brand portrays women and shape the correct cultural norms. The brand believes all people should be able to choose what they want – from their careers straight through to their drinks – regardless of their gender.  

“We at Castle Lite recognise that women are not accessories to men – they sit at the corporate board table and the pub too. Our ads and communications will never again degrade or objectify women. We celebrate the more than 1 million women who drink Castle Lite and will treat them with the respect they deserve in all of our brand communications moving forward.“ – Becky Opdyke, Castle Lite Brand Director.

Castle Lite takes ownership and would like to apologise to the women of the continent (please see video below):


Happy International women’s day! LADIES – Hold YOUR beer with pride!

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