Burger King® Keeps It Real With Its 100% Natural, Clean Whopper®

All BURGER KING® restaurants across South Africa will “bid adieu to the artificial,” and a long-awaited hello to a new and improved WHOPPER® that is now free from artificial preservatives, colourants and flavours. Why? Because Real Food Tastes Better! This groundbreaking move by one of the country’s largest fast-food burger chains is indicative of its commitment to fostering a more nutritious, more natural fast-food industry that serves up real food using high-quality ingredients.

From now on, guests of BURGER KING® South Africa restaurants can now eat easy knowing that their WHOPPER® was made witha100% pure beef patty, tomatoes and onions cut fresh that day, crisp lettuce, real mayo and of course, no artificial ingredients. In celebration of this real-food milestone, the WHOPPER® will wear itsrecipe proudly on its packaging, for a limited time only.

“Today is an exciting day for BURGER KING® South Africa. Following the growing consumer need for food that contains less artificial ingredients, we recreated the iconic WHOPPER® that South Africa has come to know and love, that includes the same iconic flame-grilled flavour, but with a new, nature-first approach. The launch of this new WHOPPER® marks the next step in our journey towards serving delicious, affordable meals that our guests can feel good about. We are fully committed to ‘keeping it real,’ and championing this cause” and aim to develop an entire menu containing 100% natural ingredients by the beginning of next year, says Juan Klopper, Chief Operating Officer, BURGER KING® South Africa.

The franchise has set substantial goals towards launching products with “100% Clean Ingredients” and has made significant strides towards achieving these goals, starting with the WHOPPER®. Globally, BURGER KING® has removed a total of 8,500 tons of synthetic ingredients from its menu in just a few years.

Last year, BURGER KING® removed all preservatives, colours and flavours from artificial sources from the WHOPPER® sandwich in most European countries and select markets in the United States. Now the brand is pushing it one step further, launching the real WHOPPER® across South Africa and expanding the use of natural ingredients to Canada, Indonesia and other global markets.

For more information, visit: https://www.burgerking.co.za/whoppernaturalingredients.

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