Budding Rapper Chukz Freshking Releases New Single Whip It ft Zatkae

Rising Hip hop sensation, Chukz known for his  fluent and impeccable delivery of his verses, is back and has just dropped a new single off his highly acclaimed EP titled Gods of Sleep featuring Zatkae.

Whip It is a song that gives the best vibes of wavy and feel-good rap music. With catchy verses the tram-like wavy and smooth tune packs the burst of rhymes and stunning delivery from both artists.

Listen to Whip It by Chukz Freshking here:  https://soundcloud.com/etkae/whip-it-dirty-version

Chukz Freshking has been making music since 2013 and has already worked with various artists and producers including Zetkae, Checkmate, MT vernacular MC and X-ray from Kenya.  

Whip It has already been play listed on various key radio stations throughout the country including Alex FM, Kasie FM, Inanda FM and Kovsie FM. Chukz aspires to be a force in the local music scene both as a businessman and artist with his versatile and boundary pushing mentality.

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