Brutal Fruit Presents: The #BrutallyYou Series

In a time when women’s voices are becoming bolder and catapulting to growing platforms and conversations, 2018 encourages women to rise above their challenges, and speak about them – not to seek sympathy but to inspire and empower.

Brutal Fruit presents – #BrutallyYou – a digital series that is made up of 5 episodes featuring 5 women who are challenging the status quo by being brutally themselves. Each episode introduces a new conversation and a woman who is brutally herself in her journey of becoming. These conversations will capture, intrigue and inspire women of all walks of life while five ladies will spearhead what it truly means to be brutally content. In essence, Brutal Fruit aims to communicate confidence within women and highlight the importance of being BRUTALLY YOU.

The women:

Refiloe Nchachi – born in North West, Lehurutshe, Refiloe is a Human Resources Practitioner, influencer and motivational speaker. She wishes to be the voice of change in order for society to be more inclusive of people living with disabilities and to realise that as persons living with disabilities, they are as capable as anyone else.

Kenehilwe Libate – born and bred in Johannesburg, Kene grew up as an only child who has evolved into a fine, young Financial Analyst by profession. She aims to educate people about Nevus Of Ota. She did not apply anything on her face and definitely never got injured. She considers her birthmark a gift that has made her the woman she is today.

Star Khulu – Born in Pietermaritzburg, bread in Bloemfontein and chasing the light in Johannesburg – Star Khulu is creative consultant in the events and PR industry. An avid fashion lover and The Gal In The Middle, Star advocates for every woman who wears different hats at the same time and has to still find the energy to deal with her “inner turmoil”. She stands for The Gals in the middle of great careers, unwavering autonomy, better style and healthier love lives. Girls who are imperfect, but always themselves & always learning – in the middle of it all.

Mandisa Nduna – Mandia is a multi award-winning actress, rapper and entertainer. Being no stranger to the industry, she has managed to portray an array of characters, while remaining strong in her originality as a proud homosexual. She aims to celebrate her originality and hopefully inspire other women to remain truthful in their originality.

Lesego Legobane – Published photographer, plus size model & fashion blogger known as Thickleeyonce was born in the NorthWest, raised by grandmother and single mother. Better known as Thickleeyonce, Lesego has built her own strong social media following through her photography and is passionate about body positivity and confidence within oneself.

‘’The core of Brutal Fruit is to celebrate women from all walks of life. #BrutallyYou is an extension of conversations that are in existence and we aim to highlight the importance of individuals being brutally themselves, regardless of their circumstances, shape, size or form. The series champions you to liberate yourself from the pressure to conform, to own your authenticity and BE BRUTALLY YOU” – Marsha Kumire, ABinBev Marketing Manager – Category Expansion

The first episode will go live on 23 August 2018 on Brutal Fruit social platforms, @brutalfruitsa on twitter and Brutal Fruit facebook. Episode 1 features The Gal In The Middle, Star Khulu and will challenge stereotypes surrounding colourism, and how Star found her confidence in being “The Gal In The Middle”.

In the meantime, call your girls, enjoy a pack of Brutal 8 and be #BrutallyYou!


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