Brentwood’s New Manifesto “LEAD” Poem By Phethego Kgomo

Earlier this month, Brentwood celebrated the creativity around the brand’s new manifesto “Lead” with an exclusive media and creatives event. The brand has repositioned from “pass it on” to “lead” to be more inclusive of the older and younger generation. The new rebrand serves as a call to action for the Brentwood men to LEAD and be leaders who do what is right, not what is popular- Leaders who decide to be the catalyst for hope. Event guests were treated to a screening of the new emotive social media film that encourages this new manifesto – narrated by poet and voice over artist Phethego Kgomo.

The poem behind the manifesto: 

“LEAD because you have been a leader from the first day you were born. Crawling, straddling and walking into your life. Finding purpose on the same path that you wished to avoid.
LEAD to become a young person who learns, who understands and loves with an open heart.
LEAD knowing a yourself a little better than before, knowing that what has been within you has always been there.
LEAD while standing on the shoulders of giants, knowing that everything been given has come before you. And it’s a legacy unto the future.
LEAD so that children can learn from you…. to set an example through everything you think, say and do.
LEAD but when you walk into the world, always do you!
LEAD and remember where you come from while staying rooted in the same principles and values that have made you.
LEAD so that what comes next can be sustainable.
LEAD so that what stands now can be attainable.

Brentwood will continue cultivating the everyday hero and the ordinary man through their new manifesto, ensuring every man is the best leader he can be to lead the next generation. View the new creative film by Creative Director Tsepo Khomari, Film Director Katlehgo Mavundla and Actor Thobani Nzuza

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