Boity Encourages Young Girls To Stay In School

There was a great level of excitement in the air for the arrival of Boity at the Morris Isaacson High School in Soweto on Monday 16 September 2019 – one of various stops as part of the Impulse Roadshow that kicked off in August.

Music was pumping in the school’s courtyard where learners started gathering to partake in the fun and activities that were about to ensue. The Impulse promoters and MC rallied the students and encouraged them to partake in a bit of fun and dancing and win spot prizes. And soon after a substantial crowd of about 150-200 learners had gathered, Boity arrived. The learners – especially the girls – got a single glimpse of her, and soon everyone was screaming and jumping out of sheer excitement.

Kicking off the day, the High School’s Head of Department (Life Orientation), Mrs Annamalay,  gave an official and very warm welcome to Boity, but moreover, she implored the learners to pay close attention and listen to what Boity says, as she is a role model for so many young girls who wish to pursue their dreams. In fact, she is testament that nothing is impossible – the sky is the limit.

On that note, Boity addressed the students and spoke about her journey of becoming the successful actress, businesswoman, performing artist and ambassador that she is today. She spoke a lot about following your dreams – but this is futile if you do not put in the hard work, because your opportunities are not simply going to fall from the sky.

“I want to encourage you to surround yourself with friends and peers that will have a positive impact on your life: not those who will tell you to bunk school or get involved in the wrong things,” she said. At the end of the day, a good education is going to be one of the things that drive you forward in life.” Lastly, she spoke about the importance of a support structure. The importance of sisterhood. That you should #OwnYourThrone and #TrustYourImpulse.

After hanging on Boity’s every word, the music started playing again as she jumped on to stage and treated the students to a performance of her first hit single, “Wuz Dat”. She even pulled students from the crowd to perform certain sections of the song with her. This moment was testament of the impact and influence that Boity, as a force of positivity, has on the many of the impressionable minds of SA’s youth.

And then the moment everyone, especially the Gr 12 girls, had been waiting for arrived. It was time for Boity to draw the name of one learner who would win a matric dance dress. And not just any dress, but the very dress Boity had worn at the launch of Impulse in South Africa in 2018. The lucky winner, Amanda Hadebe, was both shocked and in awe as Boity gave her the biggest hug, and her friends – her sisters – rallied behind her.

To end off the special morning, the girls of Morris Isaacson all queued to take selfies with Boity, who continued to offer words of encouragement and wisdom, and also receive a mini can of Impulse to take home.

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