Blank Spaces Artist Fake Ano Releases EP Titled 24 #2WNTY4

Fake Ano recently dropped his debut EP titled 24 which trended on its official day of release (March 20th, 2020). The body of work is made up of seven tracks, including the intro, outro and the interlude. The rapper describes 24 as a Hip Hop trap EP in a world of Afrofuturism with 808s and some guitars. It’s the story of a young man from Zimbabwe growing up in South Africa now figuring out the man he’s becoming before turning 25.

“I’m making African music that just has a different narrative, telling the truth, being open about who you are and where you’re from through music,” he says.

On production, he collaborated with Grammy-nominated producer Evoke as well as Jay from the internet, Nils and Lord Black White.

Although this being his debut project Ano is no stranger to the limelight as he already performed at major festivals including Cotton Fest, AKA Orchestra on the Square, Vodacom Durban July, Bacardi Holiday Club to name a few.

24 EP is currently available on all major streaming platforms. Follow Fake Ano on social media Twitter and Instagram

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