Black On Purpose Promoting Black Pride To Launch 21 March

Instilling a spirit of black pride, confidence, excellence and self-love are just some of the aims of the Black on Purpose campaign being launched on Tuesday, 21 March, National Human Rights Day. An initiative of Priority Performance Projects associated with Plus 94 Research, the largest independent, South African and Black-owned research company in the country, Black on Purpose is inspired by a commitment to promote unity, leadership, authenticity, spreading universal love and encouraging performance excellence in Black communities.

Targeted at 20 to 45-year-olds, the campaign aims to alleviate all forms of racism, particularly, a tendency among some Blacks to self-diminish, by holding unsavoury views about those of the same race. Important and inspirational, the Black on Purpose campaign is about building a society that has respect for humanity and empowering Black communities through entrepreneurship. It is about unleashing tremendous talent and potential while promoting peace and prosperity across the length and breadth of South Africa.

Director of Black on Purpose, Neo Kgoloane, explains that Black on Purpose is about inculcating confidence in and uplifting the Black community. “Through the campaign, we want to celebrate our success and uniqueness, while bringing about unity by remembering not to separate ourselves along cultural and linguistic lines, but to see ourselves as one; as African people.”

As part of the campaign are high-quality T-shirts made from locally sourced fabric with the Black on Purpose logo. Soon-to-follow is a collection of high-end, luxury garments designed by Neo Kgoloane and Antoinette Mtambo of Black on Purpose. By providing tailors with the opportunity to make a range of stylish, beautiful attire, Black on Purpose is contributing to tackling our high unemployment rates, which are among the highest in the world. According to Statistics South Africa, the official unemployment rate stands at 32,7%, while the expanded definition of unemployment, which includes job seekers who have given up looking for work, is 42,6%. “The Black on Purpose clothing line will create job opportunities while enabling people to excel in their own talent and passion,” explains Neo Kgoloane. “Some of our items, such as our bags, are made from recyclable material so as to protect the environment.”

A variety of young, Black achievers who exemplify the ethos of Black on Purpose are promoting the campaign on social media and will post photos of themselves in Black on Purpose T-shirts, share videos expressing their views on the question, “WHAT IS BLACK TO YOU?” and upload stunning photos and videos of the campaign. There will be further engagement on social media, including followers participating in engaging activities as well as the celebration of African greatness in countries far and wide. 

Additionally, a series of exciting events will roll out to realise Black on Purpose objectives.  Some will include walks to highlight the range of social ills plaguing Black communities and effective ways to address them. On the lineup are also motivational talks by young, Black achievers at high schools and commerce faculties of colleges and universities. Entitled “Inspire to Aspire”, these talks will feature Black achievers in various fields – education, sport, business and more – encouraging students to work hard, to never give up, to know that they were born for greatness, to be passionate about job creation and to be ethical in their business practices among numerous other values. Achievers engaged in “Inspire to Aspire” will also be encouraged to provide mentorship, internship, learnership, bursary and/or job opportunities to Black youth to address our crisis of youth unemployment, while promoting skills development, generational wealth creation and a sense of structure, purpose and dignity.

Going forward, the Black on Purpose website at will profile a range of Black-owned businesses to showcase their products and services to potential clients. Join the movement. Wear it, sing it, shout it, embrace it. We are born for greatness. We are Black on Purpose.

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