Black Crown Expands Into Gin & Dry Lemon With Marula

The latest member of the royal Black Crown family… The NEW 440ml Black Crown Gin & Dry Lemon with Marula, has been introduced in Mzansi. The premium locally crafted Gin & Dry Lemon infused with African Marula fruit is an extension to the existing Black Crown Gin & Tonic. Its a perfectly mixed and easy-to-drink Gin & Dry Lemon with Marula that is crisp and unapologetically refreshing in more ways than one.

The new Black Crown is available in a 440ml can at all major retailers. It’s best served cold and gives you the premium sipping experience you’ve come to expect from Black Crown. It boasts 5.0% alcohol content and stands out with its stunning green, black, and gold packaging. Black Crown is here to inspire young Africans to proudly embody a Royal State of Mind. So, to the Kings and Queens of Africa.  let every sip of Black Crown remind you to keep doing what others don’t and #OwnYourCrown.

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Instagram: @blackcrowngnt

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Facebook: @blackcrowngnt

#BlackCrownGnT #OwnYourCrown

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